Q. Cicero (?); J. Murrell, D.W. Taylor (trans.)'s A Short Guide to Electioneering (Commentariolum Petitionis) PDF

By Q. Cicero (?); J. Murrell, D.W. Taylor (trans.)

ISBN-10: 0903625229

ISBN-13: 9780903625227

An writer, most likely Quintus Cicero, offers recommendation to a candidate for the consulship at Rome within the 60s BC.

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As well as the theoretical uncertainties which cast doubt on the existence of a law such as the tendency for the rate of profit to fail' we would also note that this functionalist perspective, insofar as it emphasises the separation of the economic and the political also reinforces the counterposition of State/economic base, State/civil society, public/private, political/technical distinctions which have rightly been criticised as methodologically false . Finally we should note the obvious contradiction which occurs when we invoke, in the same argument, the idea of the regulation of society and that of class struggle .

An initial step in constructing a less instrumentalist and less economistic view of the State is to not give a privileged position to the notion of costs that the State may meet . ' For our starting point we accept the usual distinction between labour and labour power, and the emergence of the domestic sphere which is external to that of commodity production and is not governed by the law of value and which produces workers who are not commodities but who are also not yet a social labour force .

25) . In their study of regional policy O'Dowd et al argue there is little evidence to support the claim that the multi-nationals operate in a progressive manner, rather they found that `Just as Courtaulds do little to undermine apartheid in South Africa ( . . ), so also they do little to reduce sectarianism in Dungannon' . Indeed the `modernising forces' associated with the entry of monopoly capital into Ireland `far from undermining sectarian division . . 63) .

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A Short Guide to Electioneering (Commentariolum Petitionis) (LACTOR3) by Q. Cicero (?); J. Murrell, D.W. Taylor (trans.)

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