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Describing probably the most very important practices of hathayoga (khecarimudra), the Khecarividya of Adinatha is gifted the following to an English-speaking readership for the 1st time. the writer, James Mallinson, attracts on thirty Sanskrit works, in addition to unique fieldwork among yogins in India who use the perform, to illustrate how prior tantric yogic strategies constructed and mutated into the practices of hathayoga. followed by means of an creation and an broadly annotated translation, the paintings sheds mild at the improvement of hathayoga and its practices.

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Nātmānam na para m vetti yogī yukti m samādhi(f. r)na . . khādyate na sa kālena bādhyate na sa karmanā . bādhyate na sa kenāpi yogī yuktisamādhitah. na ca jānāti śītos. na m . m . na duhkha . na sukham . tathā na mānam nāvamāna m ca yogī yuktasamādhita h. . avadhya sarvaśāstrānām abādhya h sarvadehinā m . . agrāhyo mamtrata mtrā . nā . m . yogī yuktasamādhitah. nirādyam mca . ca nirālamba . m . nihprapa . m . nirāśra(f. v)yam . ʀ  nirāya ca nirākāram . tatvam . tatvavido viduh.

146 Other . than the Yogakun. dalyupani sad passages that men. . ’s second adhyāya the upanisadic tion khecarīmudrā are all taken from Goraksaśataka N – and thus describe it as a . 147 method of bindudhārana. The verses in the Yogakun. dalyupani sad . . taken from the Khecarīvidyā describe the khecarīmantra and the mechanics of the practice without mentioning amrtaplāvana. In the Yogacintāmani .  ; see Bʏ :), khecarīmudrā is said to be useful in holding prāna . in the head; bindu is not mentioned (f.

M, . iti // – // . d): nityam . dvādaśavāram . yo japati sa māyātīto bhavatīty arthah. // – // . b): abhyāsakramam āha—tālv iti // – // kāryāntaram . hitveti / harītakī pathyāśabdārthah. // – // vāgīśvarīdhāmaśirah. jihvāgram // – // tiryak cchākāvadhih. śikhāmūlam ity arthah. // – // durlabhām . durlabhatām //  // sa . tsvarabhi. nnayā hrām . hrīm . ityādinety arthah. // – // brahmārgalam antarjihvāsusiram // – // evam . gurumukhāt lambikāvidyām abhyasya dvādaśavarsānu lambikāyogasiddhih.

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